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Preferred Drug List

The Envision Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Preferred Drug List. The Committee is comprised of independent, practicing physicians and pharmacists from a wide variety of medical specialties. The Preferred Drug List is reviewed and updated from time to time as new drugs or new prescribing information becomes available. Factors which affect decisions regarding the Preferred Drug List include safe use, clinical efficacy, and therapeutic need. Cost factors are considered only after a review of safe use, clinical efficacy and therapeutic need. Decisions are reached by a committee’s simple majority vote. Committee members remain free from conflict of interest, or abstain from voting on particular issues for which they have a conflict of interest. Compliance with the Preferred Drug List is important for improving quality of care and restraining health care costs.

Not all plans cover injectable medications. Please check with Member Services to verify if your plan offers coverage on injectable medications. You may be able to obtain a drug not included on the Preferred Drug List. Refer to your plan-specific documents or contact your plan administrator for further information.

Below is the Envision Preferred Drug list in two formats to aid in searching:

2014 Preferred Drug List

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